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Energy Management System Wi-Fi Thermostat, Full Color NON-Touch Screen, Internet Enabled, Duel Fuel, Wifi, 24 VAC
Item Desc
CLM Ecobee tstat
Heat Pump, Gas oil electric, Multi Stage (Heat/Cool)
Power Supply
24 VAC
7 Day Programmable
3 Heat/2 Cool
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• Heating and cooling account for up to 63% of light-commercial energy usage. With ecobee, can monitor and control commercial building’s HVAC system and automate ancillary devices—all at a fraction of the price of a Building Automation System. • Manage an unlimited number of thermostats, individually or as groups, across various locations with multiple users, all from a single web portal or smart phone app. • With an average payback of less than one year, and no recurring fees - ecobee improves bottom line year after year. • Administrators have complete control over thermostat settings and can establish different permissions, limit employee access or lock out thermostats to minimize energy waste. • Ecobee’s remote diagnostics and reporting tools provide insight to help remotely identify and assess problems, reducing administration time and HVAC service costs. • Their intelligent algorithms use thousands of data points to optimize for comfort when a building is occupied, and save energy when it’s not. • Apply standardized operating procedures across all locations so that always running the right schedule in the right place at the right time. EMS Si Supports: • Up to 2 heat and 2 cool stages on a conventional system • Up to 3 heat and 2 cool stages on a heat pump system