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Item ID
MegaBlue Condensate Removal Pump, 110V-230V 50/60Hz Dual Voltage, 13.2 GPH, 66.5' Max Head, 23' Suction Lift
Item Desc
blue diamond cond pump
9.83" L x 2.28" W x 2.63" H
Dual Voltage
110V-230V 50/60Hz
Max Flow
13.2 gallons per hour
Max Head
Product Type
Air and water
Recommended Tubing
1/4" braided PVC hose
Suction Lift
Client Number
• Whisper quiet • Patented rotary diaphragm technology • No maintenance required • Positive displacement pump eliminates need for check valve and siphon • Tolerates suspended solids • Capable of running dry without an overheating failure • Plenum rated and UL listed • Mega Blue has a slim line, lightweight design • it also has the performance to overcome installation difficulties and uses the Blue Diamond revolutionary patented principle, making it inherently reliable. With the Mega Blue there’s no cost penalty up front but big savings on installation and in service beyond