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MIRO 1.5
Pillow Block Support, 1-1/2? Inside Dia., 1-9/10? Outside Dia., Polycarbonate Base
Item Desc
Base Material
Maximum Pipe Inside Diameter
Maximum Pipe Outside Diameter
32 per case
11 lbs. per case
Mfg# Part Number
A pipe support used to support roof mounted gas pipes, electrical conduit, solar piping and other mechanical piping. Unique design absorbs thermal expansion and contraction of pipes thus preventing damage to the roof membrane. Pipes rest in a “U” shaped cradle situated in a polycarbonate resin seat. Each pipe stand will accommodate up to 1-1/2" customary or “trade” size pipes. The maximum outside diameter of pipe which can be cradled in the Model 1.5 support is 1.9 inches. A pipe stand that will accommodate up to 1.5? ID or smaller pipe. Performance: The design of the cradle serves to keep the pipestand system directly beneath the pipe without binding. Guide holes are provided at the top of the cradle for any desired loose installation of a MIRO Pipe Strap using #8 by 1/2" screws to prevent separation of the pipe from the support. The base is gently rounded to prevent gouging the roof membrane. Compatibility: Pillow Block Pipestands are recommended and are compatible for use with all current types of decking and with all commonly used builtup and single-ply roofing membranes where roof-mounted pipes occur. Load Weight: Maximum load weight may not exceed 48 lbs. per pipestand Composition and Materials: A one-piece roof deck base and “U” shaped housing. The pipestand is composed of rigid polycarbonate resin with carbon black added for UV resistance and protection. Size: The Pillow Block Pipestand Model 1.5 is made in one standard size. The deck base is 6" square, the top of the “U” cradle is 3" high, and the maximum inside width of the cradle is 1.9". Pipes supported one pipestand high will have a clearance of 2" from bottom of pipe support. Model 1.5 Spacer can be stacked 2 or 3 high, to give greater height to the pipe or conduit. Each stacking layer increases the clearance by 1.5".