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Wired Controller Kit, Used for Wall Mount Units Controlled By Wired Remote Controller
Item Desc
Haier Wired Thermostat Kit
Mfg# Part Number
This wired controller kit WK-A is required when the following wall mount type of indoor needs to install with wired remote controller YR-E17 or YR-E16BorYR-E16A or new coming wired controller. Compatible Models: Arctic series indoor(AW09EH2VHA, AW12EH2VHA, AW18EH2VHA), FlexFit series high wall type indoor (AW07LC2VHB, AW09LC2VHB, AW12LC2VHB, AW18LC2VHB, AW24LP2VHA, AW36LP2VHA) Tempo series indoor (AW09TE1VHA, AW12TE1VHA, AW18TE1VHA, AW24TE1VHA) Advanced series B version indoor (AW09ES2VHB, AW12ES2VHB, AW18ES2VHB, AW24ES2VHB) when connecting to a wired controller YR-E17 or YR-E16b.