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BOSS 333 Polyurethane Expanding Foam, 24 Oz. Can
Item Desc
Application Temperature Limits
40°F - 115°F
Service Temperature Limits
40°F - 200°F
ASTM D-1622 Density
1.25 lbs./ft³
In House Method Yield/24 Oz# Can
41.6 liters freely foamed
ASTM C-518 Thermal Conductivity
0.22 - 0.26 Btu-in/hr-F-ft²
ASTM C-518 R Value
3.8 - 4.5 hr-F-ft²/Btu
Tack Free (1” Bead)
10 minutes (73°F & 50% RH)
Can Be Cut (1” Bead)
90 minutes (73°F & 50% RH)
Fully Cured (1” Bead)
24 hours (73°F & 50% RH)
ASTM E-84-04 UL 723 Fire Testing
Flame Spread-10, Smoke Developed-30
DIN 53429 Water Absorption
Mfg Part Number
BOSS 333 is ready-to-use, multi-purpose, polyurethane foam that expands to three times its original volume on contact with air. The expanding action fills holes, cracks and gaps more completely than standard caulks. BOSS 333 has excellent insulating properties and superb adhesion to virtually all building materials. • Meets CA-25-4 • UL Classified, Tested to ASTM E-84 • Triple Expanding • Weatherproofs against wind and moisture • Fills gaps, cracks and holes • Seals out insects and pests • Can be sanded, painted and stained • Complies with EPA Method 24 and California Air Resource Board Method 310 • VOC Compliant Uses • Air sealing • Partition walls with ceilings • Through penetrations around cables and pipes • Seams between chimneys, roof protection, roof panels and wall panels