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Item ID
White, Universal Hx Touch-Screen Thermostat with Proprietary* Hexagon Interface
Item Desc
Luxaire Communicating Hex Stat
Temperature Range
50°F to 90°F
Wiring Material
Standard thermostat
Wiring Thickness
18 to 24 Gauge
Operating Temperature
32°F to 104°F
Storage Temperature
-40°F to 135°F
Operating Humidity
95% RH non-condensing
Storage Humidity
95% RH non-condensing
Programming Days
7 Day
Mfg Part Number
Unitary Products specializes in creating a customized home comfort system tailored to the homeowners needs with our broad selection of residential heating and cooling products. The thermostat is the ultimate control center for all of your system components. When you add a thermostat to a compatible modulating, variable-speed furnace or air handler, and an air-conditioner or heat pump, you'll enjoy longer heating and cooling cycles at lower fan speeds for a more consistent temperature throughout your home, better humidity control, as well as a more energy-efficient comfort system. • Wireless Compatible. • Access Remotely with Apple and Android Devices. • High definition color, Touch screen interface. • Incorporates graphics and animation. • Conventional or communicating wire installation from each component in the system. • Intuitive on-screen prompts for ease of installation and service. • Over The Air (OTA) software updates. • Detailed system staging operation. • Complete integration of temperature control, humidity control, and ventilation in every season. • Ventilation limits to ensure outside air is not introduced in extreme hot or cold conditions - no extra heating or cooling load. • Programmable or non-programmable mode selection. • App based 7-day programmability with 2 or 4 periods per day. • Quick Heat/Quick Cool functionality. • Day-at-a-glance programming for simplified ease of use. • Easy timed-override schedule. • Programmable fan by period. • Energy saving opportunity. • Indoor Air Quality pop-up replacement reminders. • General maintenance reminder messaging. • Separate heat and cool setpoints • Programming periods: 2 Periods: Away, Leave 4 Periods: Awake, Leave, Return, Sleep • Non-Programmable • Auto changeover (may be disabled) • Programmable fan - Always on, 15 minutes per hour, 30 minutes per hour and 45 minutes per hour • Humidity Sensor Offsets • Smart Recovery (in heating and cooling) • Permanent memory • Humidity display and control • Temperature sensor offsets (indoor) • Wireless accessibility with Apple and Android Devices.