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iGate Connect, Two-Way Communicating Thermostat, Variable Stage Heating and Cooling Programmable, 24 VAC (3VA Maximum) Power, Only Used with Trilogy
Item Desc
Trilogy Tstat
Cool Temperature
65 to 95°F
Display Temperature
40 to 100°F
Heat Temperature
55 to 80°F
Humidity Range - Display
20 to 90% R.H.
Humidity Range - Operating
5 to 95% R.H. (non-condensing)
Humidity Range - Sensitivity
+/-5% R.H.
Operating Temperature
32 to 130°F
Power 24 VAC (3VA maximum)
Sensitivity Temperature
Client Number
Web-Enabled Home Thermostat • Communicates personal settings and reminders through the iGate communication system • Easy to use, full color, high resolution interface • Receives notification for routine maintenance • Sleek, intuitive button control • Secure internet connection keeps your information private • Contains Trilogy unit model, serial number and dealer contact information • Service and system performance information is stored in the thermostat, increasing the accuracy of diagnosis Web Portal Accessible Any Time, Any Where • Remote login from anywhere, anytime from any device and adjust settings • Set personal schedule by day, week or month including those times when you will be away from home on vacation or business • Information is remotely available (if you wish) to your dealer through a dealer portal for remote troubleshooting and diagnosis • Secure internet connection keeps your information private • Easy-to-use, high-resolution color display and intuitive interface Key Features: o Precision +/-1°F (0.5°C) temperature control o Vacation programming o Seven-day programming o Humidity sensing o Intelligent algorithms that adapt to your home and preferences o Fan control o Hot water control • Dealer can receive alerts regarding maintenance, inefficient operations or faults • Alerts and warning data are viewable from the thermostat and homeowner/dealer portal • Real time system performance is stored, which increases the accuracy of diagnosing issues and results in faster repairs • "Service Needed" alert displays dealer name, phone number, model unit/serial number, fault condition and possible causes • Secure internet portal keeps your information private • Accessible with Android and iPhone mobile app Controls: • Heat pump control • Auxiliary heat • Programmable fan control • Auto-changeover • Humidity control • Intelligent setback recovery • On-screen contractor information • Configurable min/max set temperature • Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius • Configurable upstaging and down staging • Wireless protocol: B/G/N • Wi-Fi security encryption • Encryption communication over internet • 365-day scheduling/7-day programming