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Item ID
5.5" W x 1.38" D x 4.36" H, 2nd Generation White Zoning Communicating Control Touch Screen Master & Sensor
Item Desc
Luxaire Touch Screen Communicating Stat
5.5" W x 1.38" D x 4.36" H
Temperature Range
40°F to 90°F
Wiring Material
Standard thermostat
Wiring Thickness
18 to 24 Gauge
Operating Temperature
32°F to 104°F
Storage Temperature
-40°F to 134°F
Operating Humidity
95% RH non-condensing
Storage Humidity
95% RH non-condensing
Programming Days
7 Day
Mfg Part Number
Unitary Products specializes in creating a customized home comfort system tailored to the homeowner's needs with our broad selection of residential heating and cooling products. The Communicating Control System is the ultimate control center for all of your system components. When you add a Touch Screen Communicating Control to a compatible modulating variable-speed furnace or air handler, and a premium air-conditioner or heat pump, you'll enjoy longer heating and cooling cycles at lower fan speeds for a more consistent temperature throughout your home, better humidity control, as well as a more energy-efficient comfort system. The communicating zoning control is the ultimate zoning system in the industry. It features a color touch screen LCD that can also be used as a zoning sensor to satisfy both temperature and humidity setpoints, making it the sole zoning system in the market to deliver optimum comfort to the homeowner. The communicating zoning system does not require the use of a bypass damper. The touch screen zoning communicating control offers the same features listed in the non-zoning product with the following additions. • Wireless Compatible. • Access Remotely with Apple and Android Devices. • Up to 6 zones of control with a single zone panel • Intuitive on-screen prompts for ease of service and installation • Fan airflow adjustment by zone to compensate for duct work variability • 4 wire installation from each component in the system • The color touch screen is designed to be used as a master and a zoning sensor. • Zoning system designed to provide optimum comfort based on achieving both temperature and humidity setpoints • Complete system integration to include whole house humidifier, whole house dehumidifier, ventilation system, whole house air cleaners, and UVC lights. All these components are controlled from the touch screen zoning communicating control. • Programmable fan per zone • Damper flexibility • Power open / power close dampers (required when not using a bypass damper) • Normally open dampers • Normally closed damper • Bypass damper is optional • 3 communicating zone sensors to choose from: • Touch Screen Sensor - ability to monitor/adjust all zones' information - Ability to control the zone's temperature and humidity levels. • Zone Display - allows for temperature and fan adjustability • Zone Sensor • Indoor air quality pop up reminders • Quick Heat & Quick Cool functionality • Easy timed temperature and schedule override • Multiple schedules that can be assigned to a calendar year • Simplified vacation scheduling • Separate heat and cool setpoints • Programming days: 7 day • Programming periods: 2 Periods: Day, Away, 3 Periods: Day, Away, Sleep, 4 Periods: Awake, Away, Return, Sleep • Non-Programmable • Auto changeover (may be disabled) • Programmable fan (installer selectable) • Humidity Sensor Offsets • Smart Recovery (in heating and cooling) • Copy functions: Copy period, day and zone • Permanent memory • Humidity display and control • Temperature sensor offsets (indoor and outdoor) • Wireless accessibility with Apple and Android Devices.