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FlexFit Pro Single 3x3 Large Cassette Inverter Driven Heat Pump System, Indoor Unit, 36,000 BTU, 17.0 SEER, 10.0 EER, 208/230V, 1 Phase, 60 HZ, 740/630/480/400 Airflow CFM (Turbo/High/Med/Low/Quiet), 0.161 Motor Rating (HP), with Condensate Pump, Blue Fin
Item Desc
Haier 3T Cassette
Airflow CFM (Turbo/High/Med/Low/Quiet)
36,000 BTU
Condensate Pump
Included - 47.2 in Lift
Connection - Discharge
Connection - Suction
5/8” Flare
Cooling Capacity Range
8,500~37,500 BTU
Cooling Operating Range_
0~115°F (-18~46°C)
Crated (HxWxD)
12-1/4" x 39" x 39"
Heat Exchanger Fin Type
Blue Fin
Heating Capacity Range
8,500~38,500 BTU
Heating Operating Range
-4~75°F (-20~24°C)
Indoor Sound Level dB (Turbo/High/Med/Low/Quiet)
Maximum Pipe Height Difference
100 ft
Maximum Pipe Length
165 ft
Minimum Pipe Length
6 ft
Motor Rating (HP)
Operating Voltage Range
187~253 VAC
Panel Crated (HxWxD)
4-3/8" x 39-3/8" x 39-3/8"
Panel Uncrated Dimension (HxWxD)
2" x 37-3/8" x 37-3/8"
Power Supply
208/230V, 1 Phase, 60 HZ
Rated Cooling Capacity
35,000 BTU
Rated Heating Capacity
36,500 BTU
Rated Power Input
3,500 W
Recommended Fuse/Breaker Size
Uncrated Dimension (HxWxD)
9-5/8" x 33-1/8" x 33-1/8"
Weight (Ship/Net)
79.4/68.3 lbs
Mfg# Part Number
• 24 Hours Timers: Set to turn on/off the ductless system within 24 hours • Weekly Timer: Easily adjust the temperature according to a series of programmed settings that take effect at different times of the day • Child Lock: Prevents unintended and unsupervised change of settings. • Turbo Mode: Cools or heats the room quickly • Auto-Changeover: Automatically alternates from heating to cooling to maintain the set temperature • Dry Function: Dehumidifies air passing through the unit. • Warm Start: Ensures the fan will not blow cold air during heating mode startup • Quiet Mode (Indoor): Minimizes indoor noise while maintaining comfort levels • Sleep Mode: Ensures a comfortable environment during sleeping while saving energy • Auto louver: Indoor louver oscillates automatically • 4 Way louver control: Delivers the airflow to 4 directions at the same time • Intelligent Sensor: By automatically scanning the space and measuring both its size and the location of people, the intelligent eye help the unit to deliver the exact amount of hot or cold air needed to meet the desired temperature in the particular space • 1F(0.5C) Precise Temperature Control: Accurate indoor temperature display allows +/- 1°F or 0.5°C • Auto Restart: Automatic return to the previous setting after power failure • Self-Diagnosis: The LED display can also show the error code and provide an easier way to service the unit • Built-in Condensate pump: Built in drain pump help pumps condensate water to a drain or outside the building • Fresh Air knockout: Reserved fresh air knockout allows field to introduce outside air by using a field supplied flexible duct • Room Card: Insert the room card and start the system • Blue Fin: Improves heat exchange and prevents corrosion. • Optional Wired Controller: Sleek looking wired wall thermostat for controlling the ductless split system